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OUR philosophy

Question Everything

Does the current course of action result in the absolute best outcome? Can the high returns on small scale property investing be scaled to an institutional level? Can the wholesale advantages of institutional investors be leveraged for individuals?

Find a Better Way

Excellence and exceptional results have never come from merely following established norms. In every endeavour, whether it be sports, business, investment, science, healthcare, arts… excellence come from questioning norms and then finding a more effective way of getting the results you seek.

Partner For Success

William Shakespeare said “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Our strategic partnerships with masters of one trade, enable us to successfully navigate this conundrum and avoid the compromises of being a master of none.




Diogenes the man, while exceptionally eccentric, dedicated his life to helping the people around him live the best life possible.

At Diogenes Investing we apply this philosophy to our clients however, just as importantly, this thinking also informs the organisations we choose to support. We are passionate about providing individuals with the opportunities and support they need to live the fullest life possible. Our partnership with the following organisations is a logical extension of how we achieve this.

Special Olympics Australia

Special Olympics Australia is part of a global movement founded in 1946 by the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister to US President John F Kennedy. Today, this movement provides sport for children and adults with intellectual disability and Autism in over 177 counties. Sport is special to all of us, and Special Olympics Australia makes this possible through the inclusive sport programs offered weekly throughout the country to people with an intellectual disability and Autism as well as a supportive community for families and friends.

Blind Sports Australia

Blind Sports Australia (BSA) is a national sporting organisation for blind and vision impaired sport. BSA helps create pathways and opportunities for people to participate in blind sport from grassroots community level, right up to elite competition at national and international level.

We work with our eleven members and other disability sporting organisations across Australia to grow blind sporting opportunities for people who are blind or have low vision and raise awareness of blind sports across the community.

BSA is a not-for-profit organisation. We are a founding member of Paralympics Australia, the Australian Sporting Alliance for People with a Disability, and are Australia's representative to the International Blind Sports Federation.

Disabled Wintersport Australia

Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) is a registered charity (ABN 64 571 062 301).

DWA’s mission is to "promote and foster the advancement of participation of people with disability in winter sports in Australia, with safety and dignity."

Established in 1978 as the Australian Disabled Skiers Federation, DWA has assisted thousands of individuals with disability to participate in winter sports. DWA plans to broaden operations to include green season activities such as adaptive hiking.

DWA’s headquarters are in Melbourne. DWA operates at Australia's 5 major snow resorts across New South Wales and Victoria. DWA works closely, and collaboratively, with the management teams at Thredbo, Vail Resorts (Falls Creek, Mount Hotham, and Perisher Ranges) and Mount Buller.

These strong relationships, combined with the support of resort staff, ensure DWA can deliver positive experiences for members, enabling them to find their freedom on snow.

DWA’s members range from recreational skiers and snowboarders to Winter Paralympians, and some of the world's finest winter athletes have emerged from DWA’s programs.

DWA’s vision is "the equality of opportunity for people with disabilities to participate at all levels in the winter sport of their choice.”

Arts Project Australia

Arts Project Australia (APA) is a creative social enterprise that supports artists with intellectual disabilities, promotes their work and advocates for their inclusion within the broader contemporary art sector.

Our mission is to see Australian artists with intellectual disability at the centre of the national and international arts sector – recognised, earning income and thriving in their arts practice.

Our Northcote studio is attended weekly by around 150 artists who live in the metropolitan Melbourne area. Since 2020 we have also run an online program, Satellite Arts, for artists who live anywhere in Australia (but predominantly regional Victoria) or are unable to travel to the studio.

We have a gallery at Collingwood Yards, where we showcase APA work alongside that of invited local and international artist. Our artists own the works they create receiving 60% on all sales in action to income from works leasing, commissions, art prize, image licensing and collaborations.

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